The Next Version Of Google Glass Is Here – With All-New AR Features

Google has unveiled a new version of its glasses which is developed using highly sophisticated techniques. The glasses are built on augmented reality features, and Google brought to light their design characteristics at the annual conference of Google I/O developers. According to Google, these AR glasses would be designed with the view of incorporating the real world’s experience with the attributes of the digital world, which includes features of search, maps, and many others. The mechanism is based on artificial intelligence and the most interesting feature is the ability to understand, meaning that this version of Google Glass came up with an element of subtitles for those who have difficulty understanding what others are saying. Now, whether you are talking to a foreigner having a language barrier or even a local person, the glasses are going to show you the translations of conversations.

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Eddie Chung, director of product management at Google, praised this feature by stating it as the “subtitles for the world.” He further said, “What we’re working on is the technology that enables us to break down language barriers, taking years of research in Google Translate and bringing that to glasses.” However, Google announced no tentative date yet for the release of these glasses and when they would be available commercially as well. Moreover, Google said that apart from the competitive aspect with Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., it is not going to differentiate its ad sales from these two corporations because they help in delivering its services to customers worldwide.

IDC said that Google’s share of its hardware products always remained less than 1% globally. Conversely, Google has a dominating market in terms of mobile software, but it has also been threatened recently due to investigations conducted into privacy issues that have the potential to limit its market growth globally. On the other hand, if we talk about the advertising campaign of both the (later and earlier) versions of Google glasses, then Google depicted a special live stunt by jumping onto the San Francisco building for its version of 2012. Of course, special air clearance would be granted. However, for this time, Google has just released a short video featuring its prototype having the language translations of English, Mandarin, Spanish, and American Sign Language as well.

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