The Next-Generation Fighter By The U.K Has A New Sophisticated Helmet – One That Can Read Your Mind

An incredibly seamless helmet incorporating “mind reading” technology will be assimilated into the UK’s sixth-generation combat fighter jet known as “Tempest”. Artificial Intelligence would be used to assist the pilot in making difficult decisions under rough circumstances. This astonishing fighter jet has been developed under the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) program and is going to be the next big thing in the AI sector. Reportedly, the development of this incredible fighter jet has been made possible through the collaboration of “BAE Systems, Rolls Royce from the U.K., Leonardo from Italy, and missile group MBDA from Europe”.

To achieve this developmental phase, the ministry of Defense (MoD) granted $347 million to these companies last year in order to satisfy the operational needs of the fighter jet and carry out the functions in an efficient way. Talking about this technology-driven helmet, which would encompass the mind-reading ability of the pilot through the use of AI, the design characteristics are eye-catching. Whenever the pilot is faced with any difficult situation during the flight, the AI automatically detects it and will suggest the controls to make an expected move.

Moreover, the helmet would work differently for every pilot. Every time the pilot sits in the cockpit, his biometric and psychometric data would be recorded by the AI system, which would then send signals to his brain according to the situation. Not only this, when the pilot becomes unconscious during the flight due to any of the prevailing medical conditions, the AI sensors integrated into the helmet automatically detect it and take the aircraft into their control.

Along with this, these AI systems also track down the missiles from the point of launch to their destination so that they can hit directly on target. Coupled with this, this sixth-generation fighter jet also has its sister jet made by Japan, which will encompass the same features as the Tempest. “Godzilla” is the name of this fighter jet which has been developed by the Japanese company “Mitsubishi”. Along with that, Godzilla would feature an electric radar instead of the conventional one, which is being built by “Leonardo” in collaboration with Mitsubishi.

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