The Next-Generation Attack Submarines Of The U.S Navy Are Incoming

The Navy’s new submarine SSN(X) will fight enemies above and below the water surface.

Acquiring of aggressive in nature and built to attack submarines will commence in 2031. Meanwhile, the navy has also announced to step forward to build a new Columbia-class missile submarine.

New insights pertaining to the U.S Navy’s next-gen Attack Submarine were revealed through a congressional Research Service Report. The SSN(X) acquiring will take about a decade, and will aid the U.S forces with an added benefit for their above and below the wave’s conquests.

Russia and China are upgrading their arsenal and are developing new attack platforms, the U.S felt the urge to build something that could counter-attack from its enemies. The modernization of China’s Navy and Russia introducing new attack and missile submarines, made the U.S Navy commence the development of SSN(X). The new submarine is built to take on enemy submarines and surface ships effectively.

The Navy wants to build its water dominance over other forces on water. For that, they felt the urge to build a sea monster with a strong hull for deep diving, incorporated with more torpedo tubes, and a larger missile magazine. The SSN(X) would be built large enough so that it could carry unmanned undersea vehicles, in an action of transporting more arsenal to the bordering enemy water lines.

Navy is testing three different options for SSN(X) as per the reveals of the new report. From the three designs, one is based on the Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine, another based on Virginia design, and an all-new design.

The works on earlier designs would either be more costly in operations later on or would pose limitations that the Navy already faces, however, the new design could mark a check on Navy’s all requirements. The new design includes laser weapons, large flank sonar arrays, hypersonic weapons, and better performing electric drive system.

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