The New INgSOC Is An Electric Bike Without A Chain

From car-free lanes to electric bikes, the bicycle is the trending means of transport. It is an eco-friendly way to get from one place to another and, of course, it keeps you fit!


Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli/INgSOC


Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli, the designer duo, have come up with a new model of a bicycle without chains.  The INgSOC chainless bicycle is stylishly chic and boasts a futuristic design.


Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli/INgSOC


Pierre Michaux and Pierre Lallement, the pair of French designers, added a velocipede to the bicycle. It was a mechanical crank drive featuring pedals on a bigger front wheel.


Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli/INgSOC


The new INgSOC bike features an electric motor, self-generating lights, and a hybrid mechanism allowing the user to pedal, go electric only, or employ electric assist to combine both of these features.


Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli/INgSOC


The body of the INgSOC bike is made from polymer reinforced with carbon fiber. The material ensures a lightweight design while providing the necessary strength to the bicycle. The yellow and black design of the prototype is quite lively, but it can be customised to get the animal print, snake skin design, cowhide, camo, tartan, houndstooth, or even Louis Vuitton!


Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli/INgSOC


The designers have endeavored to offer an all-round solution to various problems and the challenges faced by the modern man. Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli, the designers, said,

“By fostering rigorous, cross-disciplinary relations, architects and designers are carving out new avenues for experimentation that are helping shape insightful solutions to urgent issues such as our well-being and our health and safety, ultimately enhancing the quality of our daily lives.”


Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli/INgSOC


The design of INgSOC integrates the comfort of the traditional design as well as the aerodynamic shapes of triathlon frame. The model of the innovative bike hides the battery as well as the electric system inside. The complete design of the INgSOC bike is quite light and thin. The removable battery pack is placed behind the seat.


Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli/INgSOC


The users can ride the INgSOC bike in three different modes. The electric-only mode can be engaged when the battery is completely charged (or you are feeling too lazy to pedal it). The kinetic energy from pedaling can be used to juice up the battery if the charging level drops.


Image Source: Edward Kim & Benny Cemoli/INgSOC


The beautiful design of the INgSOC bicycle will force you to get off that couch and give it a go! So are you game?

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