The New Era Of Welding Machines To Spearhead: Mature Production Technology Today And For The Foreseeable Future

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Technological innovations and inventions cuts across almost every sector of the world’s industrial space. As a matter of fact, better and more exciting machinery has been invented. In addition, a new era of professional industrial tools has been re-invented to offer superior performances to the consumers and add value to the production chain for the industries and ensure the final goods are of high quality.

The plasma cutter is a crucial professional tool for welders. Why? It ensures precise and uniform cutting of the metal rods and iron sheets to guarantee the exact scale of measurements. For a welder or a business owner in the welding sector, an upgrade of your professional tools is inevitable. It should be done occasionally if at all you want to leverage maximum profits ahead of your competitors.

Without much ado, let us look at the state-of-the-art features of the new era of the cutter machines to upgrade.

Features Of The Top Most -New Generation Welding Machines

  1. CNC Plasma Cutter -125 A- 400V- pilot arc

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) entirely automate the desired shape production process, unlike the first generation CNC machines that used tape drilled holes to provide instructions to a computer. This specific product uses ten to one hundred and twenty-five cutting current and can cut a depth of up to thirty-four millimeters thick, steel sheets or rods.

It also works with a four hundred voltage three phase operating system, this feature ease cutting of any metallic materials. This brings into all types of metals, including low and high alloy steels and non-ferrous metals. It also stipulates the pliability of choosing your preferred currency. The LED display is easy to read. Consequently, welders find it easy to use. What`s more? The tool has a very powerful cooling system.

  1. Plasma Cutter -120A-400V – Pilot ignition

The tool is infallibly designed for cutting metals like nickel, titanium, and other electoral conductive metals. Here is something that makes it more outstanding than the first-mentioned cutter. Pilot ignition can cut until thirty-two millimeters thickness.

The accessory is also adjustable to around twenty to one hundred and twenty amps, making it flexible to all conditions.

Talking about speed, the tool has quite a high cutting speed. The high working rate translates to increased productivity percentage. In addition, it is guaranteed that you will experience low material deformation in your welding tasks.

The good news is that the apparatus weighs roughly thirty-eight kilograms meaning they are very portable. You can move with them from one working space to the other. It also avails continue modification of the electric current that suits your needs and wants.

  1. Plasma Cutter -120- 400V- 45mm

For this one, it looks simple in appearance but it the top quality in terms of performance and superior characteristics. For example, the machine can cut until forty-five millimeters depth of any metal. In addition, in-built IGBT helps it regulate the electrical inflow of electricity and prevent any short- circuit that may occur.

Nevertheless, this device works with a three-phase connection to handle the extra volts. To put more sugar on the icing of the cake, the tool has HF-ignition, as if that is not enough, the LCD is superb.

How Much Do They Cost?

These Machines are very cost-effective at the same time, quality for all your welding work. If you have been looking for that welding tool to spearhead your business to the next level, here is your new dawn.

The apparatus cost approximately as low as four hundred and fifty-nine Euros to a high of one thousand one hundred and forty-five Euros, depending on its superiority and exceptional characteristics.

Did You Know There are Cutters for Individual Application?

If you didn`t know, let it be known to you today that you need not be a welder or running a welding venture for you to purchase a cutter. 

You can get one for yourself for home use. As if that is not enough, individual cutters are specially designed for the customers depending on the power option that suits them well. So don`t you can get caught up; order yours today and perform your repairs efficiently.

Safety Measures!!

Due to the nature of the apparatus, safety precautions measures must be taken to avoid potential injuries and damage that comes with the risk of using them. There are complementary tools that assure safety. They include;

  • Welding helmet; the welding helmet protects your eyes and faces harm by the sparks produced by the burning gases as you cut the metal sheets. What kind of helmet do you need? A good helmet accommodates the welder’s specifics and offers some more cool features to meet the safety standard measures.
  • With that in mind, modern welders’ helmets are available in a wide range of specifications and prices; you have to choose the one that fulfills your wants, taste, and preference.
  • How do you choose a quality helmet? Protective features should be a priority, but they should be combined with comfort ground. Auto-darkening protection helmets are the best, especially if you are more worried about your eyes. They sense and darken as soon as you start your work.
  • Protective gloves; Gloves are as essential as helmets. They protect you from electric shock, extreme heat, radiation and also enhance grip. Statistics show that head injuries are the most common injuries suffered by welders and overall industrial workers.

Unfortunately, some individuals suffer severe burns or cuts and end up losing their fingers. The top reasons for the injuries are associated with not wearing protective gloves. However, it would help if you considered your comfort. Choose a perfectly fitting glove and a lighter one.

How To Make An Order

You can make an Order today in the following simple steps;

  • Visit and starting shopping.
  • Pick the item you require
  • Make payment. You do not have to worry about your money there safety verified payment method.
  • Wait for your goods to be delivered right where you want.

See, the steps are easy, simple, and transparent.

In Summary 

The rapidly changing technology continues to influence the industrial revolution. However, the changes witnessed are positive and beneficial to ensure industry growth and invent new industrial types of equipment.

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