Wonderful Engineering

The Most Breathtaking Views on Google Maps That Are A Feat Of Engineering

Human beings are capable of great deeds. Not only they have populated the remotest corners of the earth (just like your average bacteria), they have also carved out some of the most impressive views from above. We have shaped the landscape and altered it according to our will. Modern surveying, engineering, modeling and architectural techniques have proved to be helpful tools in making intricate designs of artificial landscaping a success.

Google maps comprise of satellite imagery of the majority part of the Earth. If you look more carefully, you will be able to find such beautiful landscapes and locations in abundance. Here are some of the beautiful places captured by the Google satellite:

Looks like some indiscernible Chinese letters, eh?

This one looks like a mold. Molten metal would be poured into it anytime soon.

And here come the Ferris wheels

Miniscule boxes

Large Box shaped pools

Scenic Coastal lines

These look like apartments

This place looks like the inside of a circuit board

This appears like some ancient symbolistic place.

Now, what is this supposed to be? You decide!

And here is C-3PO’s face!

These woollen patterns are millions of people busy in their lives

Natural mazes

This area looks like my video game’s GUI

Hopscotch anyone?

Different kinds of bacteria

Now this is landscaping

Can you spot the hand?

These are some phenomenal views from the sky. It is a pity they hide all the garbage and other pollutants rampant in our cities. So, next time you get on a plane, try to take photos of more beautiful place like these.