The Mexico Goal Against Germany In The World Cup Literally Shook The World

This world cup has not been going according to what people thought at all and there have been a number of shocking results. Perhaps the most shocking was the 1-0 defeat of Germany by Mexico. It was so profound that it literally shook the world.

This was not just any natural seismic activity that made the ground shake but an artificial quake that was generated in its entirety by the celebrating Mexico fans. The unexpected triumph of their team resulted in such a thunderous explosion that it was enough to register on the seismic detectors in Mexico City.

SIMMSA, the Mexican seismic and volcanism tracking agency picked up the tremors from at least two sensors and claimed that this shaking coincided with possible massive jumps in Mexico City be celebrating fans after Hirving Lozano gave his team the 1-0 lead over Germany.

Chilean researchers from Sismolgia Chile also picked up the phenomenon and confirmed that it coincided with Lozano’s goal. A Facebook post by the Chilean seismologist described this as an unnatural vibration caused by coordinated jumps of the fans.

According to Sismologia Chile, these unnatural vibrations can be considered as earthquake-like tremors because the vibrations occurring in the ground is detected by the monitoring equipment. That being said, these are much different than the earthquakes that we are used to hearing about as they do not involve the tectonic plates.

You can see what the celebrations actually looked like here.

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