The Massage Shagger Takes Body Massage To Another Level


This device might be just the thing you need to relax those jagged nerves. Say goodbye to those weird and ineffective battery massagers because the OTO Massage Shagger is here to ‘awaken your body with pleasure.’

This homemade and handcraft beauty is a specially designed handheld massager which can stimulate your body and oxygenate body tissues. It comes with specially carved out wooden handles made from ash wood, walnut or wenge.

Pic Credits: kickstarter
Pic Credits: kickstarter

The company seems to be cashing on the inherent sensuality associated with personal massage devices, using terms like “honeybunnies” for the users of their bunny eared design massager. They also didn’t leave anyone guessing with naming some message moves like The Belly Butterfly, Neck Kisser, Blessings from Behind, and the Casual Handjob.

But the questionable innuendo aside, this contraption has got some good reviews from its users. Below is a narration of high praise given by two-time Olympic skier Dasha Gaiazova Atkins:

“It takes only 5-10 min to use it and it’s a lot more effective than it looks! It might look like a very simple tool, but it really works great with a right amount of pressure. I love it and use it after every workout.”

Pic Credits: kickstarter
Pic Credits: kickstarter

The OTO massager creators, Nace and Inja revealed that they designed this device to help people escape the daily stresses. They narrated how they needed a break from life’s daily, mundane routine, and the couple drove off to the Croatian coastline when they thought of it.

Here’s another review from Shana, who is a  Professional in Tuina:

“After using Oto for two months I noticed a lot of positive signs. Every time I felt a decrease of energy, was tired or sleepy, I remembered about my Massager”

You can pledge for this minimalistic massager for $25 on Kickstarter.  And you can get two of these OTO massagers for $45. Your piece will be delivered to you before Christmas.

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