The Japanese Digital Minister Is Waging War On Floppy Drives – And He Is Still Facing Opposition

In this era of technology, the use of old ways to store data in the form of floppy disks, punched cards, or magnetic tape has become old-fashioned. Nowadays, companies prefer to store data in cloud computing devices, which offer better security and more efficient responsiveness as well. Following this, the newly appointed Japan’s minister of digital affairs has ruled out the use of floppy disks as a means to store data and has taken up a hatchet on the matter. He announced a new way to store data on cloud softwares in order to keep pace with the modern world.

Japan is also considered one of the most renowned countries that excelled in the technological world through their inventions, but still, the Japanese government doesn’t seem to accept this new change. This is because some officials of the government are not in favor of the decision announced by the minister of digital affairs and still want to store data on CDs and floppy disks for the operational tasks of some companies, as reported by the Japanese English-language newspaper Nikkei Asia.

Japan has a long-standing history of being a pioneer in the modern world, but seeing the reaction of some government officials who do not want to shift towards storing data on the cloud seems bizarre. According to Bloomberg, Kono, who is the newly appointed minister of digital affairs, will now be taking strict action against these “bureaucratic inefficiencies” and is also planning to rule out the use of fax machines as well. The routine use of this obsolete technology had been a cause of constant headaches for Konos, and he has now flipped the script by introducing new reforms.

According to reporters, Kono said, “Where does one even buy a floppy disk these days? We will change [these rules] promptly.” He also stated, “I’m looking to get rid of the fax machine, and I still plan to do that.” As per his estimates, there are around 1900 clauses in Japanese law that allow people to store data on floppy disks and CDs. Data stored on devices other than floppies and CDs will be stored on cassette tapes and MiniDiscs. These clauses are according to Japanese law.

Also, it was reported last December that two floppy disks had been misplaced by the Tokyo police that contained sensitive information on “38 public housing applicants.” Due to this, they have to suffer an expensive loss. Thus, seeing all these security concerns, it is always a better approach to shift towards more rewarding technology, and cloud computing for data storage is the answer.

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