The iPhone Life Hack Can Be A Game-Changer While Flying

Air travel can sometimes be daunting, from waiting in long queues to unexpected flight delays. But now, a simple life hack can reduce some of the stress associated with flying, thanks to a viral TikTok post by Darby Maloney, a former airline employee.

Maloney’s hack involves texting oneself the flight number and ensuring that the airline code, such as “AA” for American Airlines, is included at the beginning. When tapped, this generates a link that leads to a “Preview Flight” option, showing a live card with all flight details. This information encompasses the flight’s status, terminal and gate assignments, departure and arrival times, duration, and baggage claim details.

In addition, this technique can be invaluable for travelers with connecting flights, as they can easily send themselves the flight number to streamline their travel further. Beyond personal convenience, Maloney also emphasizes the utility of this hack for individuals picking up travelers, as it allows them to stay informed about any flight schedule changes and ensure timely arrivals at the airport.

By leveraging this simple yet helpful hack, travelers can navigate their air travel experiences more quickly and confidently, mitigating the uncertainties associated with flying.

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