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The Internet Rises Up To iPhone 6 Problems With These Funny Memes

Apple has been the highlight of news for quite some time now. It started off with conceptual designs of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus followed by the announcing of much awaited phones and finally the unveiling and launching. However, the reason why Apple is still in the highlights is because of the latest trend that is going on; #BentGate, #BendGate and #BendGhazi are trending on Twitter.

The reason is quite simple; it has been brought to notice that the latest iPhone models bent when placed in pocket and the user sits or bend. Internet is getting bombarded with iPhone 6 memes and jokes. So we decided to make a post of some of these memes and the jokes that are floating around. Go ahead, have a few laughs and if you’ve got anything to add; let us know via comments.