The International Space Station Was Briefly Knocked Off-Course By A New Module

Researchers and scientists have reached the moon and space teams of different countries have devised ways to stay there in space stations. This allows them to study the subject more closely and intently. In addition, this also gives them a chance to experience the atmosphere and environment in outer space firsthand so the research and conclusions drawn can be accurate and precise. However, it is quite a taxing and risky job to maintain a space station in the outer atmosphere. There has to be a proper check and balance and a damage control unit ready to act and neutralize the situation whenever a hiccup occurs.

Recently, there was an incident with the Russian space station that left everyone scared and worried. The new Nauka module of Russia was just launched in the International Space Station. The same day, within a couple of hours, it ended up firing its thrusters. This caused a panic in the station and orbital outpost.

NASA spoke to the Houston Chronicle and stated that it is still not known why the thrusters started firing on their own. It was further tweeted by Chris Gebhart through the handle, NASASpaceFlight that the space station was made to move by 45 degrees from its original placement. All the movement was out of control.

However, it is not entirely sure that the people inside were safe and secure during the whole incident. Harvard astronomer Jonathan McDowell believes the same thing. He said that it is still incomplete information and too soon to discern if there were any injuries or unpleasant outcomes son the people. Chris again tweeted that there was a glitch that led the machine to believe that it was still trying to dock. Efforts are now being made to reverse any changes that occurred in the system and to rehabilitate it.

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