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The Interior Of This Airlander 10 Is Like A Luxury Flying Lounge

Are you among those who hate flying? If you are, then you might be forced to rethink your take on flying after witnessing this hybrid airship that is basically a flying mansion. What you are looking at is the Airlander 10 and has been created by Hybrid Air Vehicles. It is a juxtaposition of airship, helicopter, and plane. It has a length of 302 feet and is about sixty feet longer than the biggest passenger plane, the Airbus A380.

To put simply; it is huge. The Airlander 10 will be hosting three-day excursions where a total of 19 passengers will be able to cruise in the skies in style. Hybrid Air Vehicles has recently released pictures of how the interior of the Airlander 10 will look, and it is nothing short of mesmerizing. It can be best described as the cruise ship of the sky.

So what is the concept behind the Airlander 10? CEO Stephen McGlennan said during a press release, ‘Air travel has become very much about getting from A to B as quickly as possible. What we’re offering is a way of making the journey a joy.’

The Airlander 10 features 10 en-suite bedrooms, a lounge area, and a bar. It is safe to say that if the purpose was to enjoy the flight; the purpose has been achieved. The glass lounge has a see-through flooring that enables passengers to look at the view from every possible angle from the height of 16,000 feet.

However, Airlander 10 is supposed to complete 200 incident-free hours in the sky before it can start to serve the commercial passengers. It has so far completed six successful test flights, but it did crash on its second test flight back in 2016. In 2017, it also collapsed before take-off after completion of a successful test flight.