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This Company Is Offering $1,000 For Using A Flip Phone For A Week

Back in the day, flip phones were considered to be the hottest possible handheld devices that you could get your hands on! However, they have become antiques of sorts. So much so that a company is making news headlines for paying people to use a flip phone as opposed to smartphones. Frontier Communications – Internet and phone service provider in Utah – is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first ever flip phone with an exciting announcement.

Frontier Communications will be paying a lucky person $1,000 for ditching their smartphone and using a flip phone for a week. The lucky winner will be expected to keep notes of how long does it take for them to carry out simple tasks such as sending emails or testing using the old phone while also noting down the amount of sleep that they get and whether their productivity is enhanced during the week or not.

The Frontier Communications press release says, ‘That’s right. We’re looking for one brave soul to willingly give up their smartphone for a full seven days in favor of a flip phone. The madness! We know. That’s why we want to see what happens. How did you sleep? Were you more or less productive? How long did things take? Did it feel like you went back in time? You tell us, and we’ll pay one lucky winner $1,000 and give them a handy-dandy survival kit to keep them going. With this much throwback, you might even be tempted to tweeze your eyebrows or bleach your tips by the end. We won’t blame you.’

The lucky winner will also be given a ‘boredom buster swag bag’ that will have a paper map, pocket phone book, a notepad, pen, and even a few CDs from the 90s to help the user survive the week without his or her smartphone. Frontier Communications says that the company already has 30,000 applicants for the flip phone challenge. The only requirement of the challenge is that you should be over 18 years of age. The winner will be announced on July 7th, are you interested?