The Importance Of Employee Training In Change Management

As an organization grows, it tends to upgrade or change. This change could also come with mergers or acquisitions. While the technical side is complex to deal with such as the financial arrangements, the business systems, structure of the organization, and more; the soft side of such a huge change can often get overwhelming and challenging. 

The success or failure of this merger or acquisition certainly depends upon how the employees respond and settle down on board. Hence, an organization requires a system known as the change management that deals with human resources. 

It refers to the methods, processes, tools, and techniques that managers use to aid employees adapt and get used to the changes in an organization. They tend to ensure that this change is not acting as a hindrance and disrupting the productivity of their employees. 

One of the important aspects that can help through a change is a planned training program. An employee training program can ensure that your employees receive proper guidance as they adjust to the change journey. 

In this article, read about why is it truly essential for you to initiate corporate training during the change management process. 

Importance of corporate training in change management 

Improves the success rate of change management 

As humans, we have a tendency to resist any kind of change, be it professional or personal. Hence, changes in the organization have a high possibility to attract negative attitudes and an immense amount of unproductivity from employees. It is often seen that approximately 70 percent of change management initiatives end up failing due to such behavior of employees. 

In some organizations, adjusting to the changes even at the managerial level becomes a challenge. It is of utmost importance that your managers are on board with the changes that you are planning for your organization. This is because it is the managers that establish the standards and tone for how these changes are to be received in the workplace. In order to ensure this, you should offer change management training to your employees and help them be capable of being great advocates for change that lead by an example. 

To make this training convenient for you both, you can make use of various digital tools that are available in the market. For training, a cloud-based learning management system is perhaps the best option. You can compare the various vendors on basis of features and pricing models before investing in an LMS. For instance, you can compare Absorb LMS with Docebo LMS and figure out if you require artificial intelligence elements in your training or not. 

Maintain transparency and enhance belongingness 

It quite happens that the workforce of a majority of organizations is only told informed about the basic objectives, goals, and strategies. These aspects of an organization, however, are just the tip of an iceberg. Mostly, employees are oblivious about the other significant details of an organization such as the values, beliefs, perceptions, and other business conducts due to lack of transparency. 

If you wish for your employees to engage more in decision making or embrace the feeling of belongingness, it is best to make your employees understand the true environment of your organization. Hence, ensure that you offer employee training during induction that covers and clearly puts forth the vision and mission of the changes along with the other strategies. Also, it is often suggested to offer repeated refreshers as it will help in increasing the retention of your employees and keep them committed. 


Quite often, change management, which is managing the human resources at the time of any organizational change, can be a challenge. This is where a well-structured training program could be of help. When your employees are well-trained to tackle the changes, they not only tend to accept the changes that your organization is going through but also make sure they stay committed and productive on their job.

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