The Heartwarming Story Of A Real Life Super Hero & How Biomedical Advancements Are Helping Him!

The Heartwarming Story Of A Real Life Super Hero & How Biomedical Advancements Are Helping Him

Heroes are not just found in super-hero movies, the characters are in fact derived from real time stories, from real life people who give away their lives and sacrifice for their land and loved ones. All they pertain to is the integrity of their people and their land and these super heroes are called soldiers!Sergeant Brian Meyer

This is the story of US Marine Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer who served his tenure in Afghanistan in 2011 where he was deployed as a bomb technician. While doing his job of defusing an explosive device in order to save lives, his own was put in jeopardy when the bomb exploded ahead of its time.

Although left to live, he was barely alive; at a young age of 29 years, he not only lost his right hand and three fingers from the left, but also his right leg! Whilst such a tragedy hit him, he still smiled while receiving treatment on the battlefield. Not many can stop their tears from flowing down while looking at such a picture.

Back from the field, Sergeant Brian Meyer now resides in Camp Pendleton, California where is working out to regain his strength using his prosthetic arm and leg at the Wounded Warrior Hope and Care Center. His forte comes from his belief that he can walk again and that he refuses to be confined to a wheel chair with special ramps built in at his place, he wants to be an inspiration for everyone and not just the disabled people.Sergeant Brian Meyer3

Although he retired from the Marines, he is involved in various projects like Warfighter Made that customizes sports vehicles for the disabled. He continues to undertake pioneering medical treatment from Navy Commander Peter Shumaker at the Naval Medical Centre in California with the zeal that helps him focus on, “ what I have left, not what I have lost.”

For this man, giving up is just not an option; he continues to operate his motorbike using his two fingers remaining of his left hand after he underwent a laser treatment to treat his scars.Sergeant Brian Meyer4

This motivational real time story is one that should really give hope to those who are well but still not well, this guy lost everything and yet regained his life, he sacrificed for his country yet he keeps fighting for a greater cause, for the sake of humanity!

Cheers Sergeant Brian Meyer!

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