The Guy Who Inspired The World To Plant A Trillion Trees Now Wants You To Stop

In the quest to combat climate change, the rallying cry to “Plant a trillion trees!” echoed globally in 2019, led by ecologist Thomas Crowther. However, the enthusiasm that surrounded mass tree-planting initiatives has met with a sobering revelation.

Crowther, once a champion of this approach, now stands on a different podium, urging environmental leaders to pause and reassess. Wired reports his appeal at the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai, where he outlined the unforeseen pitfalls of the tree-planting craze, cautioning against its impact on biodiversity and its role as a diversionary tactic from substantial emission reductions.

Crowther’s initial proposal in 2019, heralding the potential for an additional 1.2 trillion trees on Earth, sparked hope as a powerful climate change solution. However, skepticism from some scientists arose, critiquing the study for its overestimation of tree carbon absorption and the feasibility of vast-scale foresting. Despite the initial enthusiasm, carbon emissions continued to climb, prompting Crowther to adopt a more measured stance.

In his recent study published in Nature, Crowther takes aim at “greenwashing,” the deceptive practice of showcasing eco-friendly efforts to mask detrimental environmental practices. At the climate summit, Crowther emphasized the need to dismantle greenwashing while redirecting investments toward nature responsibly. He stressed channeling resources to Indigenous populations, farmers, and communities directly impacted by biodiversity.

Crowther’s evolving perspective emphasizes the preservation of existing forests over large-scale tree planting initiatives. His research contends that allowing natural expansion and maturation of current woodlands can offset approximately 50 percent more carbon in the long run. He cautioned against using tree planting as a convenient excuse to sidestep emission reduction efforts, expressing regret over the disproportionate global focus on planting a trillion trees.

The ongoing debate surrounding the efficacy of carbon offsetting in the fight against climate change remains heated. Crowther’s plea signals a paradigm shift towards a more nuanced and conservation-oriented approach.

The focus now pivots towards safeguarding and nurturing existing ecosystems, suggesting that the battle against climate change demands strategic, well-informed conservation practices rather than simplistic solutions that may inadvertently exacerbate environmental challenges.

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