The Full Moon Helped Free The Ever Given, This Is How


A lot of tugboats, a number of cranes pushing from land, people vacuuming the sand around the shore. All these factors were being used to help free the Ever Given ship that was stuck in the Suez canal. However, it was still taking a lot of time, with millions in global trade being lost every day. No one knew that the biggest factor that would lead to the ship being freed was the moon.

Everyone’s eyes were on the ship, for nearly a whole week the ship had taken the internet by the storm. Even the International Space Station was in on the fun with a Russian Cosmonaut sharing snaps of the ship from space on Twitter.

During the time the internet was having its fun, authorities were hard at work trying to free the ship from the canal. Who knew they would get help from the moon? Now, this is pretty obvious, the canal being a body of water, it rises and falls with tides. Due to the gravitational pull of the moon on the Earth.

Due to the gravitational pull of the moon, bodies of water on earth rise and fall depending on the position of the moon. The most extreme effect is during a full moon where tides are at their maximum. This just so happened on Sunday (March 28) when there was a full moon. This and the moon being its closest to the earth in its orbit further helped the situation.

It was like the universe wanted to see the ship freed as well. All these factors pulled the water levels up by about 18 inches. The CEO of Boskalis (the salvage firm in charge of Ever Given), Peter Berdowski, said to the press “We were helped enormously by the strong falling tide we had this afternoon” and “In effect, you have the forces of nature pushing hard with you, and they pushed harder than the two sea tugs could pull”.

So Ever Given is finally on the move and it is all thanks to the moon. The memes were great though.


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