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The Frog Math Problem Is Puzzling Internet Users Everywhere

Have you heard about the YouTube user standupmaths? The YouTube user has recently shared a math problem that involves a frog’s approximate amount of leaps for getting to the other side. The math problem has stumped a lot of people on the Internet.

We all know how dividing math problems can be as we have already seen a number of them that divided the Internet. It seems that mathematics is not going to stop haunting us even after we thought we were done with it during our studies. Every now and then you get to learn about a math problem that is stumping people all over the world over its solution.

For those of you who are not aware of the work of YouTube user standupmaths; he is known for his interesting and fun math problems. This particular math problem that involves the leaps of a frog is not too different from his previous work as well. It was presented by a friend of his who is also a fan of math (yes, such people actually exist). This frog problem will have you racking your brain as you attempt to solve it.

So, what is the puzzle? The puzzle can be described like this; suppose you have a frog on one side of the river and it wants to get to the other side. There are a number of lily pads across the river that the frog can jump on in order to get to the other side of the river. However, the frog can only move forward and never backward. Each time that it jumps on a lily pad, the probability of it jumping on any of the next water lily pads is the same.

The question is; if the frog crosses the river many times, what is the average number of jumps that it will have to take in order to get to the other side. YouTubers are trying to find out the formula that will help them in finding out the exact average number of jumps. Standupmaths will try to solve it in this video, but he eventually ends up requesting his audience to solve it for him. 

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