The Ford Mustang Mach E Is About To Get An EV Exhaust From Borla

Borla has been making cars louder since 1979 with its custom parts, but it’s getting tougher these days. There are still a lot of powerful cars that need somewhere to transport the burning gases, but this is not the case with the increasing number of electric performance models. However, Borla isn’t ready to go quietly into the battery-powered night, so he’s designed an exhaust system for electric cars. not one blowing hot air, but an external amplifier that plays a digital reproduction of the original engine sounds synchronized with the car’s speed.

Borla has unveiled its “Active Performance Sound,” which produces “exhaust noises” for EVs. The company showcased its latest invention on a Mustang Mach-E. According to reports, the new “exhaust noises” were recorded using an actual performance car. Borla is said to have placed multiple microphones to capture all the sounds of the performance car under various parameters like idling, redlining, cruising, and more. These sounds were synced with the EV’s internal computer, allowing the Borla exhaust system to match the exhaust sounds with the EV motor.

Borla has shown on its website that the exhaust sound is customizable. Their iOS app has a lot of options to change the tone, pitch, and many other aspects of the exact sound made by the vehicle. Owners can change it to make their EVs sound like a Dodge Hellcat, an AMG, or maybe even an F1 car. The sound is mapped to the vehicle’s speed, “RPM,” torque, and load—all reportedly without latency.

Borla states that their new exhaust system for EVs should be available by year’s end. The system will initially be available for Mach-E owners, although Borla is planning a similar system for the F-150 Lightning before offering it on other EV models in the future. Prices for the new system from Borla are yet to be announced.

Borla isn’t the only entity in the muscle car world to fret over the possibility of muscle car exhausts dying out. The Dodge Charger SRT is equipped with a fractzonic chamber exhaust. (Fox News Digital) Dodge has developed its “On” solution for its upcoming all-electric Charger Daytona SRT.

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