The First Outfits Designed Using Adobe’s New Primrose Tech Are Here – And They Look Ridiculous

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Adobe, British designer Cristian Cowan debuted an innovative collection featuring garments that dynamically interact with their environment. This collaboration introduced the Adobe x Christian Cowan dress powered by Primrose technology, unveiled at Cowan’s Fall/Winter 2024 New York Fashion Week show.

The dress incorporates laser-cut polymer dispersed liquid crystal “petals” that electronically change appearance, transitioning into Cowan’s iconic stars. Beneath these petals are flexible printed circuit boards, enabling seamless shifts between shades of gray and ivory. This fusion of technology and fashion marks a new horizon, showcasing how traditional clothing can evolve into dynamic expressions integrating art and innovation.

Inspired by the reveal of the Adobe Primrose dress at Adobe MAX 2023, Cowan was motivated by the potential of Primrose technology and its sustainability aspects. Designed using Adobe tools, the swift transition from concept to wearable piece in under two months highlights the remarkable achievement of both Adobe and Cowan.

Adobe’s tools, including Illustrator and After Effects, played pivotal roles in creating the looks. Illustrator mapped out the circuit boards and petal positions, while After Effects animated the dress with exquisite motion graphics.

Cowan expressed his enthusiasm for pushing the limits and embracing new ways of working, stating his eagerness to explore the intersection between fashion and tech. He highlighted the sustainability aspect of Primrose technology, emphasizing the ability to create multiple iterations of a singular garment. The designer praised the technological craftsmanship behind the piece, noting the seamless integration of layers of technology and fabric.

Gavin Miller, Head of Adobe Research, commended the collaboration, stating that it empowers designers to dream bigger and envision garments that evolve and interact with their environment. He emphasized how Primrose technology transforms traditional clothing into dynamic expressions of art and technology, aligning with Adobe’s vision to shape the future of creativity and design.

Overall, the collaboration between Adobe and Cristian Cowan represents a significant milestone in the fashion industry, demonstrating the transformative potential of technology in creating dynamic and sustainable garments. It underscores the role of innovation in pushing boundaries and redefining traditional practices in fashion design.

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