Cirrus Vision – World’s First Ever Private Jet That Comes With It’s Own Parachute In Case Of Emergency

The Cirrus Vision luxury private Jet is as safe as it gets. The jet has been designed to override any control information that can potentially bring harm to the plane or the passengers. If the situation cannot be brought under control, the red lever right above your head allows you to pull the parachute, not just for an individual, for the entire plane.

Credits: CNN
Credits: Business Insider

The technology has been used by the Cirrus Vision airplanes since 2000. The technology allows the parachute to deploy gradually, which prevents the lines of the parachute from snapping under the 6,000 pounds heavy plane. Upon the lever-pull, the plane raises its nose to help the aircraft to slow down under wind resistance. However, Cirrus used to have piston-engined airplanes and now it has joined the leagues of Jet aircrafts. The Cirrus Vision has now become the first ever single engined private jet.

Where most private jets cost about $5 million, the Cirrus Vision comes at a price of $2 million, parachute included. Although that may sound like a lot, it must be noted that the personal jet price has been cut in half, which will promote a lot of people to own a private jet from piston propeller planes.

There are other benefits to the development of these jet powered airplanes. The altitudes and speed of the jet has been increased. The pressurized cabin of the jet will allow the owner to travel at higher altitudes without oxygen masks and over the bad weather, which means no more waiting out the storm.

Credits: The Milliardaire

The wide windows of the plane allow a panoramic view of the surroundings, definitely a plus in a $2 million jet for personal use. The material used to achieve wide windows is Carbon Fiber, which is a light yet durable material.

The cabin has three-row seats, the first row for the pilot and the co-pilot, the second-row seats with a lot of legroom can recline to provide the first class experience much like in a jetliner. However, the last row can only lodge three children.

Credits: AOPA
Credits: CNN

The jet doesn’t offer loo-services, due to the size of the plane. The size of the plane is the biggest selling point for the Cirrus Vision Jet, since earlier if one needed to buy a jet-plane, it would be a big plane with multiple underused seats. The size helps reduce the cost of fuel and maintenance.

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