The FAA Has Grounded Virgin Galactic Indefinitely

Space agencies all around the world are working towards sending spacecraft into space. The advancement has reached a stage so far ahead that the discourse and discussions related to space travel, space tourism, and space colonization have become common. People have even gone and come back from a suborbital journey.

However, progress has not been made without failures in the way. There are setbacks that happen and delay things. Recently, the Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo had its trial flight and during the flight, it went off course. This loss of control posed a myriad of threats for the people. As a result of this malfunction, the Federal Aviation Administration banned its further operations in the air until it is made fit again.

The flight had Richard Branson and three other crew members on board. The flight deviated from the expected path. Fortunately, it made sure that the landing was safe. However, the success of the flight was boasted by the agency and the public did not know until now that the flight had gone astray for a while.

On Wednesday, a story was published in the New Yorker, stating that the flight was not an entire success. In fact, the pilots were issued red and yellow warning signs during the journey. This journey of the spacecraft to space was named Unity 22. The vehicle got off from the route of the Air Traffic Control Space, creating an alert with the FAA. Hence, the notice was taken.

The Unity 23 is another project that is scheduled for the next month. The flight will have three members of the Italian Air Force and the project is supposed to be the first revenue-generating mission of the company. The future prospects of the company’s missions are not wrapped in gloom and anxiety. However, the details of the flight and its deviation earlier have caused apprehension among the public.

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