The Ex CEO Of Walmart Wants To Build A Whole New ‘Green’ City – This Is What He Has Proposed

The world has become so densely populated and amply polluted that sustainability and environment friendliness are the last hopes for survival in the long term. People are passionate and enthusiastic about coming up with eco-friendly operations and solutions.

Recently, a man named Bjarke Ingels stated that he will be building and designing an entire city that will be green and have environmentally friendly operations. Bjarke is a Danish architect who aspires to build a new city “from scratch” on an unoccupied 150,000-acre desert located in the western United States. It was reported by Dezeen.

Marc Lore

The name of the city is called Telosa and is also the vision of a successful entrepreneur Marc Lore who wishes to create a clean and green space and describes the place as his ‘utopia.’ Marc Lore is not just an entrepreneur. Previously, he worked at Amazon. He was also a former CEO at Walmart. Moreover, he founded hence, he is quite famous for what he has achieved so far.

This new project of Marc Lore is the most ambitious one so far. He wants the best output from the concept. Therefore, he has hired one of the best architects in the region, Bjarke Ingels who brought forward the “Worldcraft” concept and has designed buildings like the Danish Maritime Museum and the Copenhill waste-to-energy plant ski slope.

The land will be donated to the community endowment. Once the construction has begun, it will be funded with the property sold to the people. All of the revenue will then be used to construct the city further. The site for the city will be near Nevada and Idaho. The city is estimated to have about 50,000 houses by 2030, with long-term plans for the city to grow to a population of 5 million over the following four decades. 3D printed concrete and carbon concrete constructions are rumored to be used.

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