The ESA Has Predicted When The Sun Is Going To Die – And Take Everything Else With It

In a damning exclusive report, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Gaia Spacecraft has made an astonishing revelation about our planet Sun. It has been reported that the sun is anticipated to blow out in the next five billion years, and during its end times, the star will become extremely cold, bigger in size, and ultimately vanish by demolishing the Earth as well. But there is a long way to go until all of this happens. The spacecraft determined that the sun is currently 4.57 billion years old and will start experiencing major changes in its activity when it reaches 10–11 billion years of age. The craft has measured all these results by harnessing its mass and composition.

Coupled with this, the sun will start to become a red giant until it transforms into a cool white dwarf as it dies. However, as of now, the sun is regarded as “middle-aged” as it manages to fuse hydrogen into helium. The spacecraft, Gaia, has been positioned at about 930,000 miles from Earth and has two telescopes integrated with it that have the capability to capture an outlook of the galaxy and analyze the stars to further anticipate their future characteristics. Moreover, the spacecraft has also rubbished the fears that have been long known among human beings that the sun will soon capture the Earth.

There are still about two billion years left until the Sun begins to cool and increase in size. Orlagh Creevey, an astronomer in France who works with Gaia, stated, “If we don’t understand our own Sun – and there are many things we don’t know about it – how can we expect to understand all of the other stars that make up our wonderful galaxy. It is a source of some irony that the sun is our nearest and most studied star, yet its proximity forces us to study it with completely different telescopes and instruments from those that we use to look at the rest of the stars.”

According to the researchers, “By identifying similar stars to the Sun, but this time with similar ages, we can bridge this observational gap.” On the other hand, we are witnessing some strange activities going on in the sun. As recently as we came to know about the “cannibal ejection” that took place and, as a result, became a cause for sending highly magnetized waves toward Earth. Similarly, a lot of other ejections, like the Auroras that happened on July 19 and, as a result, caused electric green and purple flares across the northern US and Canada.

August 3 also came up with a solar storm warning and a C9.3 flare, but fortunately, neither of the two did actually occur. Hence, all this data shows that the Sun’s activity has increased in recent years and it will be at its peak in 2024. But still, there is no need to worry as the sun is not going anywhere until we are alive!

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