The Eerie Video Shows 1000 Robots Dancing In Sync To Make A Guinness World Record


Imagine 1000 robots walking in unison towards you. Creepy, right? An even scarier experience is to watch 1000 robots performing a victory dance in perfect sync.


1000 Robots Dancing In Sync
Image Source: Udayavani


The Qingdao Beer Festival held in China witnessed more than 1000 robots as they danced simultaneously. 1007 robots danced at the festival and set the world record for most robots dancing in synchronization simultaneously. You can watch the video below; there is definitely something unsettling about it.


All these 43.8 cm-tall droids were controlled with just one smartphone. The robots were required to dance in unison for 60 seconds to set the Guinness World Record. A few robots were disqualified after they fell over or stopped dancing.


Image Source: Live Science


This new record was made by a Qingdao-based firm, Ever Win Company that beat the previous record of another Chinese company named the UBTECH Robotics Corp whose 540 dancing robots held the previous Guinness record.

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