The Debt Pyramid Is An Ingenious Way To Shame Debtors In Russia

Getting payment from clients can get tricky if they are ignoring the written payment requests. A utility company in Russia came up with the perfect solution for this. They dumped a three-tonne concrete debt pyramid in front of the client’s villa.

(Source: Oddity Central)

Samara Utility Systems Ltd. had been trying to get a resident of Zunchaninovka village in Russia to pay his $810 debt for unpaid water bills. The company tried all the routine measure but to no avail. They decided to do something new. They dropped a 1.5-meter tall 3-tonne heavy concrete pyramid and plastered it with shameful slogans reminding him to pay the debt.

(Source: Oddity Central)

The pyramid was plastered with slogans like “A Debtor Lives Here” and “You Must Pay Your Water Bill” on all four sides. As the debt pyramid was being dropped, the man tried to reason with the employees claiming the water had been cut off and he was still being billed. The company stated that the house is still connected to the water supply as per the inspection of the workers in a press release.

Curious neighbors and journalists gathering in front of the pyramid to take pictures with the house drove the man to pay the debt in order to have the debt pyramid removed. A spokesperson for the company stated that they will remove it as soon as the man paid what was due.

(Source: Oddity Central)

The company has now plains to use the same measures for other defaulters. Even though the method was unorthodox, it was effective and got the job done.

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