The Cybertruck Has Become The Cheapest Tesla You Can Buy Right Now


It was revealed that Tesla recently increased the number on the price tag of its Model 3 and Model Y. Now, the prices for the models start from $54,990 and $41,990 respectively. This price is calculated before incentives.

However, this price tag sets the expectation for the price of the entry-level Cybertruck, a more expensive vehicle as it is bigger in size. To people’s surprise, the starting price of the truck is $39,990. This makes it the cheapest Tesla customers can get their hands on currently as Teslarati points out. The Model 3 Standard Range Plus variant is the second cheapest vehicle in the lineup and its price is even higher than this Tesla as it starts at $42,000.

The Tesla Cybertruck

“Cybertruck is officially the cheapest Tesla you can buy,” one Twitter user commented. “I love this simulation.”

It is still to be determined if Tesla will increase its price later for the pickup truck. It was confirmed by Elon Musk last month that the vehicle’s rollout will be behind the schedule. It is scheduled for 2022. This came as not very good news for the customers who had preordered it for a $100 deposit almost two years ago.

Tesla has also been facing issues in the production of its new 4680 battery cells, which will be used for powering the Cybertruck, according to a July update.

Musk said during the company’s second-quarter earnings call in July that each truck could “literally cost a million dollars a piece or more. There’s a reason why you do things at volume production, which is to get the economies of scale that get the cost down.”


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