The Cybertruck Has Achieved Only 80% Of Tesla’s Advertised Range In Its First Real-Life Winter Test

The much-awaited Cybertruck from Tesla has encountered a setback as an unofficial range test, carried out by YouTuber Kyle Conner of Out of Spec Reviews, uncovered that it attained only 80% of the advertised range. This test entailed driving the all-wheel-drive variant of the Foundation Series Cybertruck at a speed of around 70 miles per hour, amidst the chilly weather of Texas, with temperatures hovering around 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Conner’s experimental assessment of the Cybertruck’s capabilities disclosed a rather modest outcome. The mighty electric vehicle, powered solely by a single charge, managed to traverse a distance of 254 miles, which regrettably fell shy of Tesla’s bold claim of a 320-mile range by an astonishing 79%. It is noteworthy that prior to this examination, Conner had ventured a speculative estimation of approximately 306 miles for the endurance of the electric truck, taking into account its formidable all-terrain tires. However, one must bear in mind that the range of electric vehicles (EVs) can be subject to a plethora of influential factors, including the type and quality of tires employed, the extent of weight burden carried by the vehicle, as well as changes in temperature.

For Tesla, the difference between the stated and actual range is not a recent problem. According to a Recurrent Auto research from 2023 that Bloomberg referenced, many EVs lose roughly 30% of their range in subfreezing temperatures. For example, in 32-degree temperatures, a Tesla Model 3’s maximum range was only 66% of its initial EPA predicted range.

Although Out of Spec Reviews was one of the first to test the Cybertruck’s range, additional Tesla enthusiasts will probably do the same to evaluate the car’s practicality. It is noteworthy that Tesla intends to sell a Cybertruck range extender that would take up about one-third of the bed and have a predicted range of 470 miles on a full charge.

The news about Tesla’s latest development arrives right after the adjustments made to the pricing of their Cybertruck models. Initially disclosed by Elon Musk himself back in 2019, the starting price was set just below $40,000. However, the entry-level model now boasts an estimated range of 250 miles and is priced at $60,990 (anticipated release in 2025). The all-wheel-drive variant is available for $79,990, while the high-end “Cyberbeast” edition comes with a price tag of $99,990 before any tax incentives. Both these models offer impressive ranges of 320 and 340 miles respectively.

Tesla is currently facing some criticism because they have not been able to fulfill their promises, especially when it comes to the pricing and range of their electric cars. In an effort to address these concerns, Tesla has come up with a solution by offering a range extender for the Cybertruck. However, the recent results of a range test are causing even more doubts about the accuracy of Tesla’s advertised specifications.

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