The Cybertruck Can Stand Up Like A Camel When You Turn It On

The much-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck, set to hit the roads soon, has taken the automotive world by storm with its unique and bombastic “wake up” sequence. A recently shared video on X-formerly-Twitter reveals the electric vehicle’s theatrical suspension switch, reminiscent of a camel rising to face the day.

As the driver turns on the Cybertruck, it undergoes a suspension change, lifting off the ground in a manner akin to a well-trained camel. What sets this apart is the accompanying light display, adding an anime-inspired touch to the awakening process. While adjustable suspensions upon ignition are not entirely novel—some Range Rover and GMC models already exhibit similar behavior—the Cybertruck introduces a level of flair that is unmatched.

Rivian, one of Tesla’s main competitors in the electric truck space, also boasts an adjustable suspension, but the Cybertruck’s wake-up light show adds an extra layer of panache. The video showcases the Cybertruck’s lowest setting, drawing attention to its already impressive height. This prompted some viewers to express their astonishment, with one user humorously questioning if the displayed height was indeed the “medium” setting and others speculating about the “high” setting’s elevation.

While the adjustable suspension could have functional benefits, especially for off-road capabilities, critics argue that the light show may be more style than substance. As Tesla’s Cybertruck prepares to roll out to waitlisted customers, the question remains whether these innovative features translate into practical advantages on the road. However, for those planning to use the Cybertruck for festive purposes like transporting a Christmas tree, the ability to lower the truck height for such tasks has been noted—a practical touch amid the vehicle’s futuristic theatrics. As the Cybertruck finally hits the streets, it promises not only an electric performance but also a show-stopping entrance.

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