The Creator Of Stable Diffusion AI Has Launched Its Own ChatGPT Alternative

London-based AI company Stability AI, has announced the launch of StableLM, a new family of AI language models. The firm aims to create an open-source alternative to ChatGPT, the popular AI language model created by OpenAI. StableLM is currently available in alpha form on GitHub in 3 billion and 7 billion parameter model sizes. In the future, the company plans to release 15 billion and 65 billion parameter models.

StableLM generates text by predicting the next token in a sequence, similar to GPT-4, which powers the most powerful version of ChatGPT. The sequence begins with information provided by a human, in the form of a “prompt.” As a result, StableLM is able to write programs and compose human-like text.

Stability AI is committed to creating AI technology that is transparent, accessible, and supportive. In an introductory blog post, the company stated, “Language models will form the backbone of our digital economy, and we want everyone to have a voice in their design. Models like StableLM demonstrate our commitment to AI technology that is transparent, accessible, and supportive.”

Stability AI’s entry into the open-source AI market is significant, given the dominance of proprietary models from firms like OpenAI and Google. By making StableLM available under an open-source license, the company is empowering developers to create new applications and services without relying on proprietary models or paying licensing fees.

In conclusion, the launch of StableLM is a major development in the open-source AI space. Stability AI’s commitment to transparency and accessibility is commendable, and the availability of StableLM on GitHub will enable developers to create new applications and services without being reliant on proprietary models. With further refinement, StableLM has the potential to become a viable alternative to ChatGPT and other proprietary AI language models.

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