The Cozy Room Is Your Personal Cubicle Where You Can Spend Some Quality Time Alone


Solitude is good for your health and spending some time alone goes a long way in your life. Even if we didn’t tell you that, we are sure there are times when you just want to put everything on hold and spend some time where you don’t have to worry about anything and you have time for yourself; to ponder over things. Recent researches have stated that those who always make time for solitude live a better and more productive life. Owing to all these abovestated facts, we are to tell you about this awesome gadget known as Cozy Room – a tiny cubicle that has the basic essentials of life incorporated into it except for a washroom and you can spend some quality time over here.cozyroom-4

The Cozy Room houses a single chair that can be slid into the cubicle where you shall become the master of your marked territory. This is your domain where you can’t be disturbed and you can even setup a computer/TV over here with a myriad of personal items that you need when you are on solitude break; for some it could be speakers and for others, a bottle of whisky. The Cozy Room even has a built in desk and you can infact get some work done while you’re on a break from the outside world.

As mentioned earlier; the Cozy Room doesn’t have any sort of plumbing and you shall need to step out of your kingdom if nature calls. Apart from that, it doesn’t come with any sort of air conditioning so this means the temperatures will rise within this cubicle.cozyroom-3

The Cozy Room has been manufactured for Japanese market and costs $8,000. Although the target customer base is home-users, but these cubicles could be installed at public places too where the user pays per hours and can sit down in the cubicle and work.

As you might expect, the Cozy Room is being made for the Japanese market, and is available for pre-ordering now. At around $8,000, it could end up being a lot cheaper than marriage counseling or sending the kids to Grandma’s for those moments when you need a little me time.cozyroom-6

In addition to home use, we think a few of these would be a great feature for airports. They could be set up so that you can rent them on an hourly basis before you catch your next flight.

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