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The Chinese Press The Right Finger For 60 Seconds To Unlock Brain Power. Give This A Try

Ever heard of Chinese pressure points? They are different parts on our body that are sensitive to pressure due to the presence of dense nerves and the ancients used them to relax and meditate remote organs and parts remotely. Most of us have trouble relaxing and have to resort to pills and other forms of medication to remain peaceful and at ease. The science of pressure points also known as Reflexology deals with unconventional ways of dealing with pain and discomfort. Many people simply scoff at this idea but this practical demonstration of the amazing science will show you how real it is and how you can use it to maintain normalcy in our lives.

Reflexology also believes that body organs and systems are intricately connected with each other like the tip of a finger is connected to our heart and so on. Here is what you can do to actually believe it is true:

1. The right thumb is connected to the heart itself. You can apply pressure on its junction to soothe your irregular heartbeat. I am not saying it will solve your problems but it will help you maintain the rhythm.

2. The pinky finger or the small finger is in direct access to your kidneys, head and neck. Every time you are feeling head-heavy and killing aches, you can message your little finger with your other hand and it will help you. Also, the palms of hands are full of nerves and use them to bring clarity to your whole body.

3. The ring finger is incredibly complex and is related to moods. This is why the ring is worn here as well. Whenever you are feeling emotionally weak and sad, you can rub your ring finger for 60 seconds and then observe the tangible effects on your body. You can also use it to distract from pain too.

4. The middle finger is in direct terms with the heart, small intestine and the respiratory system as well. If you are feeling laboured breathing, you can put pressure on the middle finger and get relaxed as a result. It is particularly useful while in high altitudes.

5. The forefinger can be used to bring relief to the colon and the stomach. If you are having pain in your stomach or dealing with uneasy bowel movements, you should gently massage the forefinger especially the tips for sixty seconds and observe the improved condition after that time. It works extremely well during constipations and will help you cope with the pain.

All these aren’t solutions to these problems and not even medications like quacks tell us. All they do is provide us with a relaxed state that is everything a sick person wants to feel.

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