The Bridge In Rotterdam Will Not Be Dismantled To Let Jeff Bezos’ $500 Million Yacht Through

The Y721 superyacht, which is 127 m long and 152 feet high, was commissioned by Jeff Bezos at a cost of $485 million. However, the yacht received a severe backlash from the public after they came to know that the shipbuilder company named “Oceanco” had been granted access to partially demolish the historical “Koningshaven Bridge,” which is located in Rotterdam, a city in the Netherlands, in order to make way for Jeff Bezos’s superyacht. Rotterdam is recognized as a host city by many shipbuilding companies, but this time, the public is not ready to compromise the structural design of this historic bridge against the passing of a luxury ship.

The shipbuilding company has primarily decided to pull apart a section of the enormous bridge so that the yacht can pass smoothly. This is because this 152-foot heightened superyacht is proving discordant with the bridge. The process of dismantling and then reconstructing would have taken place in a matter of just a few weeks as per the shipbuilder company, but it has failed miserably. The incredible and historical bridge has roots in the World War II era, and after that, a lot of repair projects were planned for it. Moreover, the public experienced a “major restoration project” between 2014 and 2017, after which the authorities declared that no further amendments would be made to the bridge.

Coupled with this, the shipbuilder company insisted on dismantling it and said it would even pay for the whole cost of reconstruction, but the nationals didn’t pay heed to these claims and stood by their strong verdict, which was against the demolition of the bridge. Moreover, a proper campaign was also initiated on the Facebook group to restrict the yacht from passing through the bridge, as reported by CNET. In this event, it was planned that “rotten eggs” would be thrown at the superyacht if it happened to pass under the bridge. Along with this, more than 16,000 people were marked as “interested” in the event, while another 4,800 were marked as “confirmed participants”.

Seeing this strong comeback, Oceanco has agreed not to dismantle the bridge, thereby bringing a wave of joy to the citizens. Owing to this, one of the Facebook users commented, “Let him get that thing with his own rocket.” Now, let’s see how well the company makes an exit policy to move the superyacht out of the city.

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