The Best Cheap AWP Skins In CS:GO

An absolute monster of a gun deserves an absolute monster of a skin, albeit at an affordable price if possible. The AWP is everyone’s go-to weapon when they’ve stacked up enough money. If it’s your main gun in CS:GO, you should consider buying a suitable skin. Now, if you’re on a budget for this month, then we’ve got you covered with this list of the best cheap AWP skins in CS:GO.

AWP | Phobos

Price: $1.55 (FN), $0.99 (MW), $0.98 (FT), $0.80  (WW)

AWP Phobos

While AWP Phobos is a sight for sore eyes in the game, it definitely is one of the most fashionable skins for the AWP that you can get at an extremely low price. It has a futuristic design that makes the AWP look like a blaster with shades of yellow and dark green. The overall feel of the gun is metallic.

You can get AWP | Phobos in Float Values between 0 and 0.40, and the skin is available in all conditions except Battle-Scarred.

AWP | Worm God

Price: $2.23 (FN), $1.43 (MW), $1.16 (FT), $1.57 (WW)

AWP Worm God

You knew the Worm God was going to be on this list. Not only is it an extremely affordable skin, but it’s fairly popular in the community as well due to its unique and premium design. It has a combination of white and olive green. You’ll find roots emerging from the gun’s buttstock (olive green in color) and extending halfway across the body of the sniper rifle. The rest of the skin is colored white, with a skull at the very back.

AWP | Worm God is available in all conditions except Battle-Scarred since it has a Float Value ranging between 0.00 and 0.45.

AWP | Pit Viper

Price: $0.54 (MW), $0.37 (FT), $0.85 (WW), $0.53 (BS)

AWP Pit Viper

If you’re going green, then there’s no cheaper way to do so than the Pit Viper. Seriously, you don’t want to go down the Dragon Lore route unless you either want to sell your car or house; it’s a much more expensive green. AWP | Pit Viper’s design is based on snakeskin, with two shades of green consistently covering the entire body of this skin.

You can find AWP | Pit Viper in Float Values between 0.08 and 0.50, which means that you can find it in all conditions except Factory New.

The AWP skins we’re mentioning here are already pretty cheap to get off the Steam marketplace, but you can get them for an even lower price by choosing third-party trading platforms for CS:GO. 

AWP | Acheron

Price: $2.51 (FN), $1.26 (MW), $0.73 (FT), $0.65 (WW), $0.63 (BS)

AWP Acheron

Everybody knows AWP | Acheron. Why? Because it’s badass. The body is covered with skulls sporting radioactive signs on their foreheads. There are shades of red, gray, and beige all over. The scope and barrel of the gun remain uncolored.

You can get AWP | Acheron in Float Values between 0 and 0.83, which means that the skin can be found in all conditions.

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