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The Best Cases For Your Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6

Nexus 6 is google’s latest offering and turning out to be one of the best phones in the market. But before you purchase the Nexus 6, you need to get a great phone case to protect your investment. So, here we are with a list of 9 (yeah, we are tired of the top 10) best cases for Google Nexus 6. Go on and check them out!

9. Nexus 6 Case, i-Blason Google Nexus 6 Case Unity Series 2 Layer

First one on our list is the case by i-Blason. It has a hard exterior while sporting a soft inner case. The case has an anti-slip finish and comes with an easy snap-on design. The case has four bumper points located at the four corners in order to prevent damage from happening in case the phone is dropped. It will cost you $5.99. You can get one here

8. Nexus 6 Case, i-Blason Dual Layer

Again, a case by i-Blason that will cost you $4.99 and comes with a kickstand while also sporting a holster cover and a belt swivel clip. The exterior enclosure hard shell has been made from polycarbonate that is impact-resistant and has been enhanced further by incorporating an interior sleeve made of silicone. The corners have dual silicone layer to provide amazing protection from any damage in case the phone is dropped. You can get one here

7. PU Leather Universal Phone Cover Women’s Shoulder Bag Wallet

This one is for females and shall cost you $37.99 and is more than just stylish. Just go to YouTube and search for ‘Kroo Splash Review’ to look at the review video. The case comes with credit card slots, ID holder receipts. You can get one here

6. PU Leather Women’s Wallet Shoulder Bag Purse

This one will cost you $22.99 and you can search on YouTube for ‘Kroo Urban Review’ to check out the wonderful video. It comes with a removable wrist srap and a shoulder chain for user’s convenience. You can get one here

5. Nexus 6 Case, SUPCASE Google Nexus 6 Case

This particular case comes from SUPCASE and shall cost you $9.99 while imparting quite a protection by virtue of using TPU and the hard polycarbonate material. The case has a sporty design and comes in variable colors. You can get one here

4. Nexus 6 Case, Spigen

This case will cost you $8.99 while sporting an air cushion as a bumper. It has a back panel that is hard and comes with flexible edge. The design is scratch free. You can get one here

3. Nexus 6 Case, [Heavy Duty]

Another one from i-Blason that costs $5.99 and comes with an external hard shell made from polycarbonate and an inner core made from TPU hence imparting super protection from scratches and drops. You can get one here

2. Nexus 6 Case – Ringke FUSION

This case costs $6.99 and comes with a HD clear screen protector. It has a stylish design that doesn’t hide away the glamor of your phone. You can get one here

1. Nexus 6 Case – Ringke MAX

The case costs $35 and comes with a HD screen protector. It has a quite a heavy design to impart protection against drops and scratches. The TPU case comes with geometric pattern to allow for better shock absorption and enhanced heat reduction. Oh and it also comes with an attached dust cap thus preventing your precious phone from dust. You can get one here

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