The Band-Aid Has Been Reinvented


It was in 1920 that the revolutionary Band-Aid was invented. Since then, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say, the Band-Aid has been saving thousands of lives by preventing infections of all sizes and shapes of wounds. It has saved people’s money by providing immediate treatment. It is the constant companion of handbags, purses, first-aid kits and tourist packs.

However, while we are not ungrateful of the thousands of instances when the Band-Aid has come to our rescue, there is a slight problem when it comes to the Band-Aid shape. Traditional Band-Aids are usually strips of plastic and gauze. All of us have had those moments when we try hard to cover a strategically placed wound in some hidden corners of skin. When one Band-Aid doesn’t cover the entire wound, two or sometimes even three may be needed. In certain tricky cases, even multiple Band-Aids are not enough to cover the wound properly!

A team of university students has solved this problem efficiently! The solution is simple. They have reshaped the Band-Aid to provide tear lines on the plastic strip that will help you place the strip literally anywhere on your body! This new invention has been named after the shape-shifting amoeba and is known as AmoeBAND. Here is what the amoeBAND looks like.


What is so great about the AmoeBAND, you ask? This genius Band-Aid is designed to fit literally anywhere on the body. For instance, the X-shaped tear lines are meant for the nails while the H shape will take care of any joints. Oh, and there is a pH sensitive pad on the amoeBAND that will tell the patient if his/her wound has been infected and if it’s time to pay a visit to the doc.

Not only this, but the Band-Aid is bionic and smart. The material allows you to investigate the condition of your wound from outside without disturbing the healing process. Interestingly, the amoeBAND will blend into your natural skin tone so as not to highlight any injuries! Isn’t that just so interesting? The Band-Aid will let you know of when to change it.


Even the packaging has been redesigned in the form of a matchbox and comes along with a complete set of instructions! Designer Tay Pek-Khai and his team acknowledge that material selection and tear line design was the hardest part of the amoeBAND project. However, we thank these great Asians for solving the world’s problem with conventional Band-Aids!





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