The Atlas Robot Can Now Chase You In The Forest


Boston Dynamics is rapidly developing the expanding line of robots. They release a new video every couple of months to show what they have been up to. We all remember the Atlas robot performing the backflip better than most humans. The robot is back again.

The latest video shows the Atlas robot casually jogging around in the woods. This is an amazing feat, considering the fact the first iteration of the robot was released only a couple of years ago by Boston Dynamics and it was just learning to balance itself and moving around the tricky terrain.

The latest video and the backflip video show how far it has come and how well it can maintain its balance while moving casually moving around a tricky terrain.

We also remember the robotic dog SpotMini, which broke the internet with its comparison to the killing machines in the popular TV show Black Mirror after it was seen opening a door in the video. SpotMini is back again as well in a new video.

This video shows the robotic dog’s autonomous ability as it casually explores the office space on a six-minute mission. The robot was initially taken around the space under human guidance so it could make a map of the things for the future.

These videos show how far robotics has come in so short a time and the infinite possibilities it might have in the future.


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