The Apple Watch Series 8 Has A Surprisingly Useful New Feature


You might be a huge fan of Apple Watches due to their potency and enhanced working features with every iteration. But the newest version of Apple’s smartwatch has a new feature that will further enhance its utility. You will now be able to get your body temperature with the Series 8 watch, which has been integrated with a body temperature sensor. Though it will not give you an exact and specific measurement of your body’s temperature, it will surely detect a sudden increase in your body temperature, which will give you an indication of whether you need to talk to a doctor or use the thermometer to cross-check it.

Mark Gurman said in a report from Bloomberg that the body temperature sensor is not final yet and it still has to undergo an internal testing procedure for commercial use. If it successfully passed the test, then there is no further requirement left relating to testing procedures and the feature will then be incorporated into the Apple watches. However, it should be noted that the forthcoming “Apple Watch SE” will not have this temperature sensor due to the probable reason for its internal testing.

It is worth noting that the announcement of this upcoming feature is not new to our ears because we have been hearing these rumors for about a year. Even though Gurman predicted the final arrival of this watch along with the temperature sensor in June 2021 and then again in April 2022, it didn’t surface well. However, a supply chain analyst named “Ming-Chi Kuo” has now predicted the possibility of the launch of this upcoming watch at the end of this year. Let’s see if it goes well or if it will be reversed back to previous forecasts.

It is interesting to note that the previous reports obtained from the Wall Street Journal features that not only a spike in temperature will be identified by these watches but they can also be used for “fertility tracking” and updating the “periods cycle-tracking” parameters. But the newly released report by Bloomberg made it obvious only for fever detection, and we still don’t know how accurate the reports about fertility and period tracking are.

Apart from this, the display screen in this upcoming watch has also been improved, along with the inclusion of a temperature sensor. Moreover, there are no apparent changes made in the hardware parts of the watch, and according to Gurman, they “will probably be minor.”


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