The All Electric Mission R Takes You 0 To 60 Mph in 3 Seconds


Mission R 4We are a fan of cars and bikes, who isn’t? A good car or bike is every other person’s dream. Well here comes the latest edition to the dream-set of fantasy rides brought to reality. This one is- wait for it- all-electric bike and has been introduced by San Francisco’s Mission Motorcycles. The bike is being called ‘Mission R’ and is one really amazing wonder of science and engineering. The bike is designed in the image of the winner of TTGXP Laguna Seca race 2011; all-electric Mission RS bike. Mission R is being developed to challenge any other bike on the road and so far they have done a wonderful job. We have a 120 kW, equivalent to 160 Hp, electric motor installed into Mission’s InfiniteDriveTM powertrain. The combination of these two has peaked Mission R’s performance and provided it with enough juice to do 0-60 Mph in only three seconds and can very conveniently reach a top speed of 150 Mph.

Mission R 3The Mission R comes equipped with 17kWh lithium-ion battery which is capable of a 140 miles range. The bike’s real uniqueness lies not in what it has to offer but what it doesn’t have to offer. As per Mission; ‘Devoid of pistons, crankshaft, clutch, and other mechanical parts rotating at thousands of rounds per minute, the Mission R creates a new dynamic in handling and control… Without the inertial forces created by hundreds of heavy spinning engine parts, the Mission R drops into corners like no other motorcycle.’

Mission R 2 Mission R also surprises with the state of the art instrument set which is accessible from the Mission R’s touch screen UI. Mission R is a class in its own, being capable of taking care of Bluetooth devices, navigation and other various types of communication. Mission Motorcycles has set the asking price at $29,999.

Mission RThe only catch is that one needs to wait till after the mid of year 2014 before they can lay hands on this beast!


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