The Agency In Charge Of The U.S Nukes Just Tweeted Something Really Alarming

First, it was a child tweeting gibberish which to some conspiracy theorists looked like some kind of nuclear launch codes. Now, the US strategic commands tweeted something really foreboding and cryptic. We could believe the whole story about a child suddenly getting hold of the social media manager’s computer but this tweet looks like some kind of declaration of war.

The US Strategic Command or STRATCOM is the division of the military in charge of taking care of the country’s nuclear weapon stockpile. Their Twitter handle tweeted something really weird on Monday. It went like this “The spectrum of conflict today is neither linear nor predictable. We must account for the possibility of conflict leading to conditions which could very rapidly drive an adversary to consider nuclear use as their least bad option”.

Say what now? You can view the original tweet below.

The context behind this tweet may seem even more alarming. It’s basically a posture statement preview. A preview of an upcoming Posture Statement which is a written testimony by various military branches sent to Congress. It lays out all the priorities, plans, policies, and perspectives of all the military branches and agencies.

So basically according to this preview, the military is ready to take action and won’t hesitate to use nuclear weapons. This may be their way of sending a message to Russia and China who have been competing with the US in the space race, with Russia even developing ways to attack with Radioactive Tsunamis.

Anyways, anything right now is mere speculation and we will have to wait for the full report.

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