The Aeromobil 3.0 Is The Latest Flying Car To Enter The Race

aeromobile 3

We have covered several car and plane hybrids in the past as many companies are competing with each other to make the first flying car. Many of these prototypes are in an advanced stage and may be introduced in the following years. The recent fervor regarding this unconventional vehicle is because many people see it as a future transport vehicle, especially for the corporate executives and senior management. But, for Slovakia’s Aeromobile company, it is a shot at the holy grail of modular transportation since they have been working on it since 1989. They have just come up with the latest prototype of such a car.

aeromobile 3.0-4 aeromobile 3.02

Their latest Aeromobile 3.0 has undergone a structural makeover as now it uses advanced composite materials both at the main body and the collapsible wings. It incorporates conventions and technologies from both the automobile and the aviation industry to make this car possible. The retractable wings of the futuristic car seem more like standard jet wings that you can find on small aircraft, but their angle of attack has been adjusted to reduce the take-off requirements. It means that the plane can land on smaller, improvised strips as well and may not need a fully-fledged airfield to do its thing.

aeromobile 3.0-3

The body is also compact enough to be considered a car. It is 20 feet long and 7 feet wide which is only a feet longer than some larger SUVs. With this positive thing about size, the car can be parked at most of the parking lots with ease. Also, the fuel consumption of the carplane is amazing as it clocks 29 miles to a gallon on the land and can reach 124 mph speed in the air and 99 mph while on the ground. Good enough for any kind of road plus I don’t think a car of this shape can be steered safely at more than this speed.

So, next time you are stuck in a particularly frustrating traffic jam, just remember that these beauties could hit the streets anytime soon!


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