The $40,000 Tesla Cybertruck Is Officially Dead

At the Tesla’s 2022 shareholder meeting, Elon Musk stated that the Cybertruck would no longer have a basic pricing of $40K.

Musk responded to several shareholder questions during the meeting, which was held in front of a live audience. One person inquired whether the initial Cybertruck cost would be “grandfathered” for individuals who had previously made an order.

Musk acknowledged this while reminding everyone that a reservation only costs $99 in 2019. “It was unveiled in 2019… a lot has changed since then, so the specs and pricing will be different,” he continued. I hate to give a little bit of bad news, but I think there’s no way to have anticipated quite the inflation we have seen and various issues.”

For comparison, the single motor model of the Cybertruck was priced at $39,900, the dual motor model at $49,900, and the tri-motor model at $69,900 when it was first introduced three years ago. The cost would increase by $7,000 if the self-driving option were included.

Given everything that has happened since 2019 and the fact that the Cybertruck isn’t anticipated to be built until at least 2023, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that prices will be higher.

The second part of the question, which inquired about when the pricing will be revealed, elicited no response from Musk. He is unsure at this stage due to inflation, gigafactory and supply chain problems, and the manufacturing timeline.

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