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Texas Guy Invents An Ingenious Inflatable Hail Protector That Saves Your Car

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In the wake of recent hailstorms in Texas, the invention of a clever Texas man named Mike Siciliano is selling like hot cakes. Aptly named, the “Hail Protector” can keep your vehicle safe against a raging hailstorm.


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The makers of the Hail Protector promise that the gadget can endure the worst and keep your car safe and sound. The recent hailstorm resulted in devastation on a vast scale.


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Ancira Nissan stated that 75 percent of the 1,200-car inventory was affected by the second round of hail this month.


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For Mike Siciliano, the business has been booming since the last hailstorm hit the region of North Texas.

 “Business has been popping for us like crazy. We can’t keep the product in stock.”

The concept of Hail Protector is quite simple. It is designed just like a car cover and can easily be slipped on a vehicle. The protector is then inflated with the inflators. Since the time is of the essence in such situations, Hail Protector takes only five minutes to set and inflate.


Image Source: Daily Mail


This allows enough time to set up the Hail Protector on the vehicle when you know that the storm is coming.

This video demonstrates the effectiveness of the Hail Protector:



The demonstration establishes the effectiveness of the Hail Protector and it appears to be virtually indestructible.


Image Source: Hail Protector


The Hail Protector can stay put even in the 80mph wind storm and can endure the onslaught of a lacrosse ball flying at 80-mph, a watermelon dropped from above 30 feet, a five-pound medicine ball released from 71-feet and a 17-ounce frozen ball of play-doh with two-inch spikes sticking out of it, without a scratch on the vehicle.

Hail Protector is priced according to the vehicle size, ranging between $350 and $450.

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