Cybertruck’s Armor Glass Cracks In Routine Hail Storm

Elon Musk and extravagant claims go hand in glove. More often than not, the claims come down crashing on their face. For instance, we remember when the so-called Armor Glass on a Tesla Cyber Truck could not withstand a metal ball hurled at it during its unveiling. The problem persists still. It is not much of an Armor Glass as it could not even brave a Texas hailstorm, as per a Redditor named Xanderhud.

The post shared by Xanderhud shows an apparent white slash, sparking speculation on its vulnerability to damage. The vehicle was parked in Austin when a hailstorm started, and resultantly, the armored glass succumbed to it. Another thing that succumbed in the hailstorm was Tesla’s larger-than-life claims about the Cyber Truck. The post’s comments section was where the public scrutiny began, with people questioning the viability of the Cyber Truck’s design.  

Since the 2019 live demo debacle, Tesla, under Musk’s leadership, has made steady strides to regain its customer base. However, this incident once again sparked a debate about quality assurance at Tesla. The company claimed that the Cybertruck’s glass could withstand the impact of a baseball at high speeds or Class 4 hail. However, this incident has proven otherwise. It has dealt a blow to the reputation of Cyber Trucks.

Tesla has showcased demonstrations about the Cybertruck’s resilience, including a reenactment of the metal ball test. Customers, however, are not convinced. This is not the first time the Cybertruck has come under scrutiny. From range capacity discrepancies to various complaints, the Cybertruck faces challenges beyond its glass vulnerabilities, leaving consumers to ponder whether pricey add-ons will address underlying issues.

From the metal ball debacle to the recent hailstorm, the journey of Cyber Truck has been nothing short of tumultuous. The Cyber Truck team has their work cut out if they want to compete with durable, reliable, and quality off-roaders who already have a massive fan following.

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