Texas Governor Is Urging Crypto Miners To Shut Down If The Power Grid Is About to Fail

Texas Governor Greg Abbot has revealed that he wants to make sure his state’s power grid doesn’t fail again and he’s calling on crypto miners to help.

Abbot held a meeting with several cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and influencers last October, Bloomberg reports. During the meeting, the governor asked those in attendance to close their mining operations in the event the Texas grid shuts down completely like in February 2021. 

Texas Governor Begs Crypto Miners to Shut Down If the Power Grid Is About  to Fail

“Help me get through the winter,” the governor reportedly said, according to Bloomberg ‘s anonymous sources. 

The industry that is infamous for being opposed to government regulation is a risky and potentially disastrous bet. 

However, it has come to our knowledge that two Bitcoin miners have volunteered to shut down in the event the grid is strained again to conserve energy for homes and other businesses. It shows a possibility of all this working out.

Texas Governor Begs Crypto Miners to Shut Down If the Power Grid Is About  to Fail

Abbott does not have much choice here. He faces an upcoming tough election challenge from both his own party and the Democrats who are sure to attack his weakness on Texas’ electric infrastructure. 

His polling on his handling of the 2021 power grid disaster is terrible too, with the latest polling showing 60 percent of Texans disapproving of how the state’s leaders managed the grid.  

As Texas enters yet another potentially frigid February, all eyes will be on its power grid once again. If it doesn’t hold up — and Abbott has to rely on crypto miners holding up their end of the bargain — he might find himself iced out of the governor’s mansion come election day. 

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