Tesla’s Roadster 3.0 Can Run 400 Miles On A Single Charge

Tesla Roadster 3

We all know how Tesla has brought about a revolution in EV industry. The firm is going even faster than before and is now working on the Roadster 3.0 that will be capable of covering a distance of 644 km in a single charge.Tesla’s Roadster 3.0 Capable of Running 400 Miles on a Single Charge2

According to the company, the improvement has been incorporated into the battery pack. The Roadster’s battery pack was capable of producing 53kWh whereas the new one will be able to crank out 70 kWh without any changes to the size of the battery. The improvement in cell technology was quite significant and as per Tesla, that is what led to making it possible. Tesla compared the current technology with the technology that was available back in 2008 when the Roadster was launched as the world’s first car to have a lithium-ion battery pack.
Tesla’s Roadster 3.0 Capable of Running 400 Miles on a Single Charge

The Roadster 3.0 will also sport an aerodynamic body kit that will be retro-fixable, thus bringing the drag coefficient of this car down to 0.31 Cd from 0.36 Cd imparting an improvement of 15%. It will sport tyres that will have reduced resistance when compared with the original ones (20% reduction). Apart from that, the wheel bearings have been made more efficient while the residual brake drag has been reduced thus helping with the overall range.Tesla’s Roadster 3.0 Capable of Running 400 Miles on a Single Charge3

Tesla is scheduling a trip (one-stop only) to Los Angeles from San Francisco in the first quarter of 2015. The company still has to ensure that the battery passes the safety certification tests before rolling it out to the already waiting customers! So are you getting one?


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