Tesla’s Next Supercharger Will Charge Electric Cars In Seconds


Although electric vehicles are becoming the norm, there are still many people who scoff at the idea and the problems related to it. The most pressing of is the amount of time needed to recharge a battery, which currently takes about 20 minutes.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk might have come up with a solution for this problem in the form of a next-gen Supercharger, which he claims will be capable of recharging a Tesla in mere seconds. Musk hinted over his Twitter account that his Supercharger V3 could give up to 350 kW. That’s double the current output of Superchargers on the Tesla network.

As of the time of this report, Tesla has 769 Supercharger stations with 4,876 Superchargers worldwide. / Credits: Tesla

He also revealed some exciting news about solar panels installed on the existing Supercharger stations. Musk said,

“There are some installed already, but full rollout really needs Supercharger V3 and Powerpack V2, plus SolarCity. Pieces now in place.”

When compared with the competitors, Tesla’s Superchargers are already the fastest charging units out there. But with a man as ambitious as Musk at the helm, there is always room for improvement.
The concept of flash charging might be possible if the company can boost their current 150 kW chargers to at least 350 kW, which will enable to cut down the charging times to mere seconds, adding to the applicability and practicality of the electric car concept, especially on long-distance journeys.
Credits: Tesla

If the Supercharger V3 are installed across the US, we might be seeing some current coast-to-coast records being put to pieces.

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  1. James Smith Reply

    Electric cars are the future. All car manufacturers are scrambling to get on board. Even they know that plane is ready for take off. Luddites, listen up or get zapped in the change.

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