Tesla’s Investor Autonomy Day Will Be Happening Today!

Tesla’s Investor Autonomy Day Will Be Happening Today!

Tesla is all set for telling the world about its goals for the future of autonomous cars. The famous car company is slated to give a presentation that has been dubbed ‘Investor Autonomy Day’ from its HQ in Palo Alto, California today at 11 am Pacific Time.

Selected investors will be attending in person while the rest of the world will be able to join Investor Autonomy Day via video link. The presentation is expected to be about the company’s plans for self-driving technology. There are also rumors that Tesla will also be demonstrating its Full Self-Driving feature during this presentation. The investors that are attending Investor Autonomy Day in person will also be able to check out the self-driving features and functions that are currently still under development.

Elon Musk has stated that the company is trying to make sure that its completely autonomous driving technology is all set by the end of the year; however; legislation and regulations might take some more time. The hardware required for the transition to full self-driving is already being incorporated into the cars that are being produced. The latest update of the autopilot software featured the most advanced features such as the enhanced summon.

Tesla wrote in a blog post, ‘We think including Autopilot is very important because our data strongly indicate that the chance of an accident is much lower when Autopilot is enabled. Autopilot also dramatically improves the quality of the driving experience, especially in heavy traffic, as thousands of our customers frequently describe online.’

Today’s event speakers will include Elon Musk, VP of Engineering Stuart Bowers, VP of Hardware engineering Pete Bannon, and Senior Director of AI Andrej Karpathy. Tesla has already announced that it intends to start a car-sharing service much like Uber once the vehicles have attained their full self-driving potential.

Musk has also detailed the system, although briefly, that would see that Tesla owners are able to add their cars to a fleet thus enabling them to make money while they sleep. Tesla has also introduced a leasing option where people can pay on a monthly basis for driving Tesla. But, at the end of the lease agreements; the cars would also enter the autonomous car sharing fleet as opposed to being owned by the leaseholder.

Tesla’s Investor Autonomy Day Will Be Happening Today!

Tesla’s Investor Autonomy Day will be followed by the Q1 2019 financial results and earnings call on April 24. The webcast for the Investor Autonomy Day is embedded below for your perusal!

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