Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta V12 Has Finally Rolled Out – And Elon Says It Will Blow Your Mind

Ahead of a “mind-blowing” upgrade, CEO Elon Musk has revealed that Tesla is finally preparing to release Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta v12 to customers. Nevertheless, as is normal, users of FSD Beta should proceed with considerable caution.

Fusion Safety Device Beta Version 12, one of the long-awaited enhancements to Tesla’s disputed ADAS level 2 technology, has been released.

What Elon Musk has been referring to as “end-to-end neural nets” is being introduced in the Tesla v12 software upgrade. The primary distinction from earlier FSD updates is that neural nets, as opposed to programmers, are now in charge of controlling the vehicle.

It is touted as the revolutionary product that will usher in endless innovations. Musk repeated his previous declaration that it is “mind-blowing,” similar to  other multiple FSD Beta releases.

Last year, Tesla was meant to release V12, but it was postponed. In January, the carmaker began to distribute the upgrade, although to a small number of clients.

The most recent software update (2023.44.30.x) and the FSD Beta version 12.3, according to a number of Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) owners, were received today. Tesla gave its employees access to the latest version, the 12.3 upgrade, earlier in the week. The distribution appears to have quickly expanded to include a larger group of Tesla FSD owners.

Elon Musk claimed in a statement last year that version 12 wouldn’t be in beta; however, Tesla has designated the new upgrade as “Beta.” People have started to discuss their first impressions of the most recent software version. While some report improvements in simple moves, there are still issues with the update’s handling of inconsistent map data in some areas and the precision of lane selection.

A user reported two incidents: first, the system was in the wrong lane and missed an exit; second, it accidentally entered the left turn lane too early. Critical areas for improvement have been identified as improving map data accuracy and improving lane selection logic. Users acknowledge the system’s limitations and stress the need for vigilance when operating it.

In other words, Tesla’s FSD Beta is a level 2 driver aid system. Since the technology does not allow for completely automated driving, drivers are encouraged to maintain control of the car at all times and to keep their hands on the steering wheel.

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